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DSLB is a 2/16H (10/16N) 10 man PvE raiding guild and starting heroic progression.

Raid Times: Tues, Weds and Friday (some weeks will raid Thursday instead of Friday with advance notice) 9pm - 1am server.

 Our main focus is on raid progression however we do other activities with guild members in between. If you want to join with friends, level/quest or even PvP with other members then this is the place for you!
Other Guild News

Current Progress

Inharm, Nov 9, 12 10:44 PM.
Six weeks of raiding have come and we are still progressing! Heart of Fear is a great change of difficulty for normal modes and heroics look even more daunting for the future. We are currently pushing for heroic kills in Mogu'shan Vaults while clearing Heart of Fear for the upcoming raid Terrace of Endless Spring.

This is just the beginning for DSLB in Pandaland!

First week in MOP

Onionofdeath, Oct 9, 12 11:56 AM.
First week is done! 5/6 normal mode and needing to push more. Interested in DSLB? We raid Tues, Weds and Fri (sometimes Thurs instead but with notice given in advance) 9pm - 1am server time. PST an officer today!

Team Inharm

Onionofdeath, Dec 27, 11 7:19 PM.
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